Update To The Coronavirus

On Monday the Dow Jones Index lost almost 3000 points (- 13%), the largest absolute loss in history since 1871. The fear of the spread of the coronavirus is the biggest shock to the economy in peacetime. What does the situation mean for our customers and our employees?

Access to our systems is extremely high at the moment, as is trading volume on the stock exchanges. Accordingly, there are many more updates than in normal times. In these extreme times it is very important that our customers receive new prices, analyses and news. In times of great stress for our users we want to be a reliable partner who supports them in the best possible way.

In addition to the technical challenges, there is currently a great deal of uncertainty for the entire economy. Global supply chains are interrupted and companies are getting into difficulties. Thanks to our excellent customers and recurring revenues, we are in a very robust position. We have no debts and have always built our business in a very sustainable way. That is why we are a reliable partner and will always give the best for our customers.

All our employees already work from home. There is no danger of all employees being infected with the coronavirus at the same time. We wish you and your families health and confidence!